Much of REIMAR’s success comes down to creating a cohesive environment with mutual goals. Combining this atmosphere with qualified, driven personnel has given rise to a team working forward for the betterment of company and clients alike.

Mike Martins


Mike began as a carpenter’s apprentice at the same company his father worked as a labor foreman. The man whom Mike apprenticed under was none other than Carlos Reis, his future business partner and co-founder of REIMAR. Mike approached Carlos about starting their own company and spent his evenings estimating projects after work until he landed their first contract. Today Mike leads his team with 27 years of experience, overseeing estimating and project management across all REIMAR job sites. His dedication to building REIMAR and providing the best services in the region stems from a focus on a strong team of dependable, highly skilled workforce working together as a team.

Carlos Reis

Vice President

Many who know Carlos regard him as the highest skilled formwork carpenter in the industry. Starting work at an age when many Canadians are just entering high school, Carlos has 50 years of construction experience behind him with 25 years in foreman and management positions. Co-founder of REIMAR, Carlos took up a general foreman role on site, managing the largest and most complex projects REIMAR was conducting at the time to ensure his expertise and foresight secured a successful and timely completion across all projects. Though officially retired as of 2015, Carlos is still heavily involved with REIMAR providing oversight to the forming work across all of REIMAR’s projects.

Cedric Ribic

Chief Estimator

A key member of REIMAR from early on, Cedric brings 20+ years of experience along with him from mechanical supervision to construction management. Cedric has garnered experience managing operations and contracts throughout Southern Ontario as well as Eastern Canada. He uses his broad range of experience in implementing construction management practices, contract administration, scheduling, and quality control. Cedric’s time spent in the industry led him to establish a production database approach to estimating costs used in conjunction with current industry unit pricing. Cedric’s role in negotiations, operations, and REIMAR in general has been instrumental in elevating REIMAR to the company it is today.

Notable project: FJ Horgan WTP Expansion
Reason: Largest single contract to date, it required 775,000 square feet of forming contact area and 25,000 cubic meters of cast-in-place concrete. Water treatment plants present stringent and challenging quality requirements significant for the largest companies around and REIMAR achieved an excellent level of quality in its concrete work.

Sean Martin

Director of Operations

A solid team requires oversight, coordination, and focus. Enter Sean who has been with REIMAR for over 8 years, bringing with him a decade’s worth of construction management experience from safety coordination and field management to estimating and operations. With an eye both on team and individual growth, Sean not only coordinates field personnel and daily operations but also analyses job performance and industry trends to ensure REIMAR exceeds expectations.

Shawn Chickowski

Senior Estimator/Project Manager

Estimating and project management benefits from diverse field experience. Since 2001, Shawn has worked within the ICI sector bidding on multi-trade tenders up to $25 million. From industrial power stations to schools to heritage restoration, Shawn leverages his expertise in estimating procedure rates, cost analysis, and contract negotiations. An Applied Science Technologist (OACETT), and both Gold Seal (OGCA) and Construction Estimator (CIQS) Certified, clients can take comfort with credentials to match his experience. Shawn volunteers on the executive board for for OACETT Niagara Chapter and has held the position of Treasurer, Vice Chair, and currently sits as Chair.

Standout Project/Achievement: “All winning bids are our achievements.”—Shawn

Bob Milligan

Estimator/Project Coordinator

Bob’s experience can be traced back to his late teens when he first worked as a driver for Reimar. Since then he has accumulated field experience with decorative concrete and combined his field experience with education as a civil engineering technician. With his experience as a labourer, foreman, and advance formwork, Bob brings the breadth of experience and education necessary for the task at hand. Winner of Home Stars best hardscape contractors in 2013, Bob demonstrates not only his experience, but his ability to execute quality work. Bob was attracted to Reimar as a company for the value it places in growth, employees, and promising future in the industry.

Standout Project/Achievement: Templar Flats Hamilton
Reason: The project posed a unique set of problems that required new applications. The challenge was met and overcome by the Reimar team with great success.

Amanda Knox

Project Manager

Amanda brings a combined twelve years of experience in both construction and project management. Accustomed to working on large Toronto-based projects, and at high volume, Amanda’s abilities and drive founds its match with the REIMAR team.

Standout Project/Achievement: PanAM BMX Park
Reason: The project incorporated new age design and a multitude of new challenges. The finished product earned a Gold Seal Certification from the Canadian Construction Association.

Peter Commisso

Project Manager

Before joining REIMAR, Peter dealt with large scale municipal infrastructure. A Project Manager, Peter was involved in trenchless rehabilitation of water and waste systems along with roadways and landscapes. Peter brings expertise in civil construction and project coordination to REIMAR where he took a shining to the level of knowledge and attention/care that REIMAR brings to the field.

Morgan Reid

Health and Safety Coordinator

Health and safety is a crucial element to the industry and requires a genuine investment into maintaining the best standards. Morgan brings versatile problem solving and 13 years of experience in the field including Cytec, Trans Canada, and Dofasco. Part way through her career, Morgan transitioned from an office environment to construction and brings her skills in health and safety to REIMAR.