“Provided top quality work and services, as well as managed all work on schedule and on time. We have been very pleased with the service and attention to detail demonstrated throughout the Project” —Chris Hawkins, Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.


Formation, placement, and finishing of concrete structures across Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) sectors as well residential high rise projects.

Architectural formwork

REIMAR embraces challenges and opportunities to implement unique concrete structures. With award-winning projects that require custom engineered formwork, REIMAR has the expertise and experience to complete various design and build challenges.


Providing bulk and strategic excavation services – in addition to concrete formwork – helps ensure that projects run with the highest level of efficiency. We have the equipment and operators to provide excavation services for many different project types.


Through the successful completion of large-scale projects, Reimar has earned a reputation for helping turn overbudget projects into a reality. Through strategic relationships with Soils Consultants, Shoring Contractors, Structural Engineers as well as our own expertise in excavation and formwork, Reimar has the experience to take-the-lead and help design and execute financially viable and successful projects.


REIMAR’s reach extends province-wide, completing a range of projects across Ontario with a focus on providing services to communities surrounding Hamilton, and the Niagara region.


In over 15 years, more than 800 projects, and over $200 million in sales, REIMAR retains 100% adherence to schedule. Regardless of challenge or obstacle, a combination of planning and priority means that REIMAR’s projects are finished on time without compromise in quality or service.

Joint Ventures

Trusted by clients and collaborators alike, REIMAR teams up with established formwork companies on big builds that benefit from a combined approach.

Pricing models

Different strategies don’t just occur in the build, but in the planning and administrative stages as well. As the industry presents new avenues for executing projects, REIMAR remains at the forefront of these changes, capable of handling various methods including Public-private partnerships (P3).