“Reimar was able to meet the challenges and the many design changes were handled in a timely and efficient manner. The forming part of this project was completed ahead of schedule in spite of one of the coldest winters on record.” — Scott Reitsma, Project Manager at BIRD Construction

Strong Foundation

REIMAR’s story starts with Carlos Reis and his move from a small farm in Portugal to France in the 1960s. Carlos made the move to begin working construction at the young age of 14 and worked in France until he turned 20 when he followed his older brother’s lead and moved to Canada searching for opportunity. He found it in Hamilton Ontario where he continued his work in construction, quickly becoming foreman and moving into the carpenters union as a journeyman carpenter. Having developed a reputation for his skill and high volume, Carlos was sent to the southern United States where he led the condo and high-rise developments for a major forming company over the course of nine years. Carlos returned to Canada working under what eventually became JDR Construction where he met Mike Martins who would apprentice under him as a carpenter. After years working together, Mike approached Carlos with the idea of starting a company of their own.

In August of 2003 they did just that, launching REIMAR with a small team of highly skilled individuals. Mike and Carlos quickly attracted the interests of top carpenters and laborers familiar with their work. The REIMAR team grew, and with it their reputation for quality and efficiency began, establishing themselves as leaders in concrete forming across ICI and high-rise residential sectors. From 2003 to 2009 the company doubled in gross sales every year, leveraging their reputation for quality workmanship, speed of execution, and safety to take on larger projects.

Concrete People. Concrete Results

REIMAR has built a reputation for the highest skilled tradespeople in the region. Combined with an emphasis on a family environment that encourages the growth and success of its members, the REIMAR team brings the right ideas with the abilities and resources to execute. With dedicated and skilled individuals from administration to formwork REIMAR’s team of professionals provides benefits at all stages of a project.

On Time, Every Time

Since its inception, REIMAR has retained a 100% adherence to schedule. Never has a project been slowed due to the REIMAR team. An ability to overcome unique challenges comes down to foresight and priority. The right planning, resources, and execution are fundamental to REIMAR’s approach meaning deadlines made are deadlines kept.

Award-Winning Quality

REIMAR embraces new challenges and obstacles. Unique builds require the right team with the ability to accomplish advanced formwork and design requirements. REIMAR has garnered recognition for its achievements in delivering high quality formwork for difficult designs and projects. Winner of the Award of Excellence for Architectural Design (Hamilton’s Urban Design and Architecture Awards committee) and Architectural Merit (Ontario Concrete Awards), REIMAR’s results reflect the attention its team puts into its builds.

Building Communities

Much in the way REIMAR focuses on building its team with skilled individuals, so too does it forge a community from accomplishing quality projects. A strong, local labour force working on new and expanding developments in the region benefits both workers and their communities alike. REIMAR takes pride in recruiting local talent and providing Ontario communities with exceptional concrete structures across the ICI and high-rise residential sectors.